Wednesday, October 19, 2011

... Essence Colour & Go - Choose Me! with stripe mani ...

It's been awhile since I rocked some stripes so here goes. Obviously this is over yesterdays mani of Essence Colour & Go in Choose Me! The silver is piCture pOlish Heavy Metal which goes on easily over everything but as you can see from the photo can be a bit difficult to clean up afterwards.
I had to put a few layers of top coat on this just because Heavy Metal is rather gritty and I like the smooth feel but I was quite pleased with how this looked - especially with the blue and gold glitter pieces in Choose Me! Fantastic.

Tape maincures are really really easy to do - all you need is a base polish, a contrasting top polish, some sharp scissors and some regular every day sticky tape.

Simply paint a base polish and wait for it to completely dry.
Cut some strips of sticky in whatever thickness you desire and place on your nail.
Make sure it's all stuck down completely
Paint over your entire nail with the top polish
Wait a minute
Pull the sticky tape off
Wait for the top polish to dry


  1. I love this! I need to start being more creative :\

  2. This looks fantastic. Great colour combo.

  3. Thanks :) I need to get out the Heavy Metal more often as it seems to go with everything and covers it with one coat!!

    After going back through my blog recently apart from frankens it wasn't going anywhere creative wise ... so I'm trying to fix that a bit :) It's one thing to have great looking nails but another thing to get compliments in real life which I mainly do if I put more effort in.


Thanks for the comments - they always make me feel loved :)

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