Wednesday, October 5, 2011

... Franken Week - Royal Red Jelly

** Post #2 for today - Enjoy **

Something I've always wanted to know is ... can you make a Jelly duochrome? While I'm still not sure of the answer on that - still I'm definitely happy with this jelly that I've created. So pretty.

Now on it's own BYS Garnet is a deep red jelly but added with the colour changing pigment turned it into a fantastic deep red jelly with a red shimmer throughout! I've really struggled to actually show this in photos so bare with me. I also struggled with a name since most of the things I associate with red shimmery polish have already been used by corporations so I don't want to be sued or anything.
[Edit] Some sun appeared this afternoon for like 5 minutes so I quickly grabbed my phone for some more shimmer ... all those spotty shimmer bits are the green trying to escape but they honestly look more gold than green. Pretty regardless though. Oh and the top picture is closer in colour than the bottom.

** Recipe **
1 bottle BYS Garnet
4 spoonfuls of Green-Red pigment [available from Cathy HERE]


Thanks for the comments - they always make me feel loved :)

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