Friday, October 7, 2011

... Franken Week - Aussie Shatter ...

Making a duochrome shatter/crackle/mosaic etc seems a reasonable idea in theory but OMG this was seriously the hardest thing I've ever made ... and after 4 failed attempts wasting my day yesterday here it is.  I'm still not 100% happy with it but I'm sure it's the best I'm going to get with a black base. I figured I should at least share what mess I've created.

The main issue is the shatter itself - add too much of something and that formula disappears out the window and you just get a lump of colour that doesn't crack at all. Ugh.

I've named this "Aussie Shatter" simply 'cos it's Green and Gold and I suck at creative names! The green is really dominant though but it's slightly darker than what's shown here [think Glitter Gal Lizard Belly - it's that dark green] and oddly the gold seems to like to stay to the edges of the green and not a constant colour change. It's really intriguing and I'm sure there is some chemical thing going on h

So here you go ... this is shown over Royal Red Jelly which has a green to red colour shift pigment added.
I'm sure I'll never be able to make this the same again as it was so hard. If you are game enough to give making a crackle a go then I'll give you this tip. Don't use clear polish at all as it doesn't bond with the crackle formula at all! You just end up with gloopy mess.

** Recipe **
Start off with 3 scoops of green to gold colour shift pigment into a 5ml bottle [buy it from Cathy HERE] and then add in some black shatter polish in 1ml drops - shake and test and then add more black as needed. It's totally green to start with and doesn't shatter but as you drop more black in then it starts to be more consistant. Slowly is the key - I ruined 2 going too fast and then having nothing but black with a few shiny particles visible *sad*. For the record I've used Ozotic Black Mosaic as my black polish.


  1. What a cool idea, pity about all the failed attempts but what youhave created here looks pretty awesome!!!

  2. Thanks mate ... might have to try a white shatter next and add some pigments or something to see what it does. There is obviously a special formula for this that doesn't like tampering.

  3. Fantastic. Your the first person that I have seen to create a successful crackle franken. The colours in your picture look amazing.

  4. How absolutely fantastic. You really are doing some amazing frankening!

  5. Wow, this is so creative, wouldn't have thought it was possible! It looks awesome and I might try it myself... Great job :)


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