Saturday, October 22, 2011

... Kleancolor - Holo Chrome ..

Kleancolor - Holo Chrome
Gifted from Jamie
This beauty is Kleancolor Holo Chrome that I received recently. The colour of the polish is actually more of a purple than blue but is in that selection of blurple polishes that refuses to photograph correctly. Anyway as soon as you pick the bottle up all you can see is gorgeous flashes of red, blue and green. Holo Love!!

This is 3 coats but I probably could have gotten away with 2 and it's beautiful blue color regardless of the holo. No bumps, lumps or uneven marks. Just pure awesomeness. It also dried super smooth.

I'm disappointed with how these photos turned out - when I get my camera back I'll reswatch.
** Final Verdict **
A beautiful blue holo that is super easy to apply and sparkles in the sunlight for you. I can definitely see this one again and again appearing on my nails over summer.


Thanks for the comments - they always make me feel loved :)

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