Saturday, June 4, 2011

... Franken Fun ...

I've only really started to come back to polish in the last few months. Before that I'd buy one every now and then if I had an event but nothing serious. Years and years ago I had a massive collection of every colour under the sun - some I've still got floating around the place in various containers that I've been meaning to sort. I'm glad I've returned though - it's like reuniting with an old friend.

A mate in passing mentioned the blog "More Nail Polish" to me awhile ago - in particular this post with the fantastic homemade polish!. I'd never heard of this "franken" before and I was intrigued and then my children fell ill and I totally forgot all about this contest until a few days ago when I was finally getting around to adding blogs now that I pulled my finger out and got a Gmail Friend Account thingy ... so I set to work making.

I only had 2 bottles spare that I could use so I wanted to make it count! I'm sure if I had thought about it I could have gone to google and found out tips and suggestions but I just went for it.

Here's my mixing "plate" and spoons :) I found it a lot easier to just try it like a painters palette and put a dob here and a dob there and get mixing with a wooden toothpick. The spoons were handy for if I needed to make a bigger batch.

It was actually really quite relaxing and therapeutic. I quite enjoyed it. I just lined up all the bottles in a row that I was willing to sacrifice and took a dab from here and a bit from there. Really you can't go too wrong with this way - you know straight away if it doesn't work. There was only one attempt I did that made me go "Wow" and oddly enough I didn't get around to making it as I ran out of bottles [let's hope I remember the formula for later!]

My first attempt involved 4 polishes with 3 of them being glitter. Lets just say that it didn't work out. Looked great on me spoon for a test but when I tried it full size it was sheer and nothing that I would use as main coat. I won't lie - I was disappointed but determined to press on. So I shelved that effort for another time when I'm feeling creative and may be able to salvage something from it and pressed on.

So after discovering that glitter polish wasn't the best option I decided to go for one of my other fave things about polish - shiny!! I pulled out a bottle of Maybelline mini Colorama in "Fruit Roll Up" that I picked up awhile ago and only used once and the Maybelline mini Colorama in "Wonder Violet" [side note - I wish more companies made minis ... I find them so handy as I can probably count the number of bottles I've fully used up on one hands with most of them being top coats]

The other colour I only picked up this week as it was on the bargain rack at the checkout at the chemists when I went to get the kids some cold medicine. It seemed to yell "BUY ME!". It's from the Face of Australia Molten Metallics range and it's called "Titanium". I don't know if I own any silver polishes but this one just grabbed my attention with it's shine and sparkle.

And here's my final result. I've called it "All about Sass". It's definitely a shiny metallic and it's in a pinky/purple colour. Personally I'm quite pleased with myself as it's a colour I'd definitely personally wear [and am wearing!]


  1. Thats gorgeous! I love it. I voted for yours just quietly :o).

  2. Bless ♥ There are a lot of really really nice polishes there though. Once my order of new bottles appears I shall make some more I think - got the itch now :)

  3. Yeah there certainly are, but I am rather partial to pink lol. Hope you win :o).

    Ohh what ya get? I hear TKB trading have franken stuff.

  4. I actually ordered from TKB trading :D They are the only place I could get suggested that sold the mini bottles! I ordered some powders aswell so now I'm impatiently waiting ...

  5. Ohhh how much was shipping? I wanna get some micas and stuff for my soap making... I find that bit confusing lol.

  6. I think my order came out to $14 shipping - I'm sure it would be less if I didn't order all the small franken bottles! :)


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