Friday, June 3, 2011

... Friday Favourites ...

Inglot 202 Flakes from the Dream Collection
Purchased from Inglot Cosmetics - $16.00

I thought I'd do a thing of Friday to show my favourite polishes ... and why not so I have an excuse to wear them :D

I always get a lot of comments when I wear my Inglot Flakes. I have a few different colours which I'll upload at a later date but all get a comments. This particular shade changes colour in light from yellow to red with a hint of green thrown in.

The bottle recommends 2 coats of Inglot polish but I find that it really varies depending on how many flakes you pick up on your brush and also how many flakes you want on your nails! I personally dump heaps on as I love seeing my nails light up but each to their own. You'll soon figure it out when applying it.

It's really important to layer this over a dark colour to show off those sparkle flakes! I personally like to use black but it should look good with any darker shade.

These flakes still keep on reflecting the light even after you use a top coat. I personally like to put at least 2 layers of clear top coat on as I like my nails to feel silky smooth but if you want to feel the texture then I'd just recommend one.

** Final Verdict **
This is one of my favourite polishes. I find that it is especially handy if you want to match your clothes to a polish and you are planning to wear anything within it's colour spectrum! As I mentioned at the beginning I always get comments on this polish and there is nothing more special then getting comments on mani!

PS - Keep the comments coming! I am only starting out and I'd love some feedback :) Cheers! And now I've fixed the subscribe button :) So show me some love!


  1. Looks like the Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure. I'm scared of Inglot lol, I saw their stall a few years back and was intimidated by all the colours :op.

  2. I've never even heard of that until now - proves how long I've been out of NP circles :( From what I saw on google it looks really similar - I want!

    Inglot is really only good if you have the time to browse without being constantly stalked by the sales people - I hate being pressured to buy :( And oddly these polishes seem to be kept well away from the coloured polishes - I visited many times before even realising they existed! :(


Thanks for the comments - they always make me feel loved :)

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