Tuesday, June 28, 2011

... haul update ...

[edited] I'm also now on Facebook - the link is on the right :)
Also I've updated my blogroll - if you follow me and you can't see yourself just drop me a note in the comments and I'll fix that up :)

I've got a proper post coming tomorrow for you guys but here's some photos of my Chemistry hauls that I've been chasing the last 2 weeks. Majority are either glitter, multichromes or this weird colour change thing that has a bright blue through them - If any super catch your eye sing out and I'll swatch first :D

And a note to myself to get swatching this portion of my stash!

Have a great Tuesday :)


  1. wow! great hauls! i'm jelous... T_T

  2. 1st picture, fourth from the right and 2nd picture, third from the right!!!

  3. i love them all!

    first photo 2nd to the last [looks like orange]

    please check out my blog on everything nail art. thanks!


  4. oh they all look gr8 but 1st pic 5th from the left cought my eye most

  5. I'll be swatching these all this week :)


Thanks for the comments - they always make me feel loved :)

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