Monday, June 27, 2011

... Max Factor Nailfinity 627 Redly Nightshade ...

Max Factor Nailfinity 627 Redly Nightshade
Purchased from Priceline - $11.95
I picked this up for free as I had a gift certificate that was about to expire. Yay for vouchers!!

I've been looking for a great red for such a long time and while this one is bright and a fantastic looking red - it's not the best red for my nails :( Hello lobster hands! It's definitely the same shade as in the bottle - so no nasty surprises or disappointement there.

It's a dream to apply - it's streak free and dries smooth quickly but ... and it's a big but ... it's so sheer!! I used 3 coats and I could still see the whites of my nails underneath.

** Final Verdict **
A nice red colour but extremely sheer. I'll have to work out another way of wearing this one. I'm wanting to check out some other colours in this range as it was such a dream to apply.

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