Friday, July 1, 2011

... Friday Favourites & No Buy time ...

Hurrah it's Friday Favourites time!! But first time to announce that I'm on a No Buy for July :(
I've spent WAYYYYYY too much after starting this blog last month - it's disgusting and easily a few hundred $$ that I should have spent on other things. So I'm putting this up here to try and remind myself. I'm giving myself exceptions for polish remover, any nail cream and if I need anything extra for the Konad plates that I'm impatiently waiting to be shipped ... but no polish [I'm giving myself an exception for eBay items I've already bid on but if I'm outbid I can't go any higher ... that's it!] That means NO buying of peoples blog sales either which I'm shattered about but I'm hoping that a month off will stop me from going crazy again.

*heads to the No Buy bench*

I'm doing something different for Friday Favourites this week. Recently the gals at piCture pOlish had another polish naming competition for their 3 new polishes. I was so happy to be named one of the 3 lucky winners.
So guess what came yesterday! Weeeeee! Mine is the one on the right "antique". Now naming a polish is definitely something I've always wanted to do so I can cross that off my list of things to do! Also being one of the first people to swatch a polish was on my list so I'm happy to cross that one off too! So it's definitely a Friday Favourite just for those 2 reasons! So let's get swatching!

piCture pOlish - Popsicle
Available soon from
Wrap your tips around this one! This is a bright orange glitter which definitely matches the bottle. I've tried to catch the golden glitter sparkles but only seem to have manged to do that in the bottle. There is definitely a gold glow to it in sunlight and it's streak free and dries in a reasonable time. I've used 3 coats in this picture.

The only issue I had was covering up my stained nails ... whoops! You can slightly see this in the photo on my tips but in real life it's hardly noticeable.

I've actually got big plans for this one once my stamping plates arrive! So stay tuned! I also am planning to re-swatch over black as I'd love to see more of the orange and gold glitter goodness!!

piCture pOlish - Jealousy
Available soon from
Glittering Green with Envy! Damn yes I am!! This is a serious WOW polish. I think I'm still picking my jaw up off the floor. I've only used 2 coats here but it's fully covered the nail in big thick chunky glitter particles. Look at that shine and it's not even in the sunshine!!!

This swatch photo is slightly darker than the polish is in real life but it's still stunning. The colour reminds me of Christmas tinsel. Bright and shiny!

It's streak free and fast drying but because of the glitter this does not dry smooth. If you are a fan of having the sleek shiny feel and look then a layer or two of the top coat and you are set!

Jealousy really feels like wearing one of the other piCture pOlish polishes that I reviewed a few weeks back called "heavy metal" and therefore I'll assume this will be extremely long wearing and chip proof. You'll also need to use the "foil trick" to remove this polish as it's a bit stubborn but personally I think that's a sign of a good glitter polish. There is nothing worse than the glitter all falling off!

piCture pOlish - Antique
Available soon from
I've left the best til last. I am so so so happy to have named this colour! Woooo! It's made my day week month year!!! This photo doesn't do it justice to show how fantastic it actually is. I love purple and I love shiny things so it's great for me!!!

Now it's a murky light purple with hints of silver. It seems to slightly change depending on the light to whether the silver or purples shines through the most. Out in the sunshine it's a super ray of shiny awesomeness!!

Like "Jealousy" it's a heavy glitter polish so I've again only used 2 coats for perfect coverage. Again it will dry lumpy but for that type of colour - who cares!!! [If you do then again put some top coat on! It will still glitter bright!]

As I'm coming to expect with piCture pOlish it's streak free and dries fast. I won't be taking this off in a hurry! *loves*

** Disclaimer ** While I didn't purchase these polishes they weren't sent for review either. I won these in a competition and all thoughts and opinions are my own and I've been honest with what I think about them! Now that I've done that - get out and pick yourself up some! You won't regret it. Go go go go!!!!!


  1. Every time I come to your blog, I remember how much I love your blog name... Shatter me Claire is SUPER cute!

  2. congrats on getting to name a polish! that's amazing!

  3. LOL - I had the name "Shatter me Claire" in a dream at a time when I couldn't figure out what to name my blog :D

  4. Hey - congrats on the win. Nice to see another blogger win (seems as they didn't pick my names) But... I got sent a bottle of Antique for the upcoming Picture polish Blogfest. So I got 'your' polish too!!

  5. Oh - I forgot to mention. I think I need to officially join you in 'No Buy in July', as I too have spent WAY too much on polish in the last few weeks *holds Claire's hands and says 'we can do it'*.

  6. Hooray for Antique :D Enjoy!! And yes please join me ... it's lonely and I'm having withdrawls :(

  7. hello I love this brand but this is very expensive for us non-aussie persons so could you tell me if you could get good prices on these because I would be willing to buy some of these very nice polish???
    Many thanks...

  8. Sorry but I can't. Only piCture pOlish sell these polishes and their prices are set.


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