Friday, September 30, 2011

... Polish Fixation - Bad Postie! ...

Bad Postie!
Gifted from the fantastic Erika!
Today I've got for you a gorgeous franken from Erika at Polish Fixation! [go check her out *hint hint*]

This beautie is called "Bad Postie!". Obviously I'm Australian and here we call the Postman [or Mailman/Letter Carrier/Dude that brings your mail etc] the "Postie".  Here ours generally dresses in fluro colours like someone at a rave or with bad colour blindness and rides around on little motorbikes trying to avoid getting run over by reversing cars out of driveways - if you are lucky enough yours walks around on foot.

I swear mine as he is nasty and brings me unwanted bills and not enough parcels of love!! He also doesn't deliver on the weekend and I think as a general rule there should be parcel services on the weekend to brighten your day [no bills though - that just would put you in a bad mood!]
** Postie photo stolen from Google images as I thought I'd look too much like a stalker if I chased mine down the street with a camera **

So Erika has managed to pick up a "Speak like an Aussie" star of approval from me for using the word "postie"!!  Now back to the polish! It's a beautiful blue with holo flecks throughout! Pretty! Application was super easy and if you don't like feeling the holo particles then stick some top coat on for instant smoothness.
As always my camera doesn't want to play nice but all the lovely dots of white are actually holo particles.

** Final Verdict **
Beautiful franken. Fantastic colour. Holo Bonus! Plus I've had this song stuck in my head all day ... "Stop! Oh yes - wait a minute Mr Postman ... Wait! Waaaaaaaaaaaait - Mr Postman"


  1. Nice polish, pissing myself at being a stalker photographing the postie!

  2. I didn't know postie was Aussie slang! But I love our postie cause he does deliver packages on Saturday's. Imagine what the postie would think if you stood their waiting to photograph him. I totally want to do it!

  3. Gheez, I just wrote all that and forgot to mention what I beautiful franken that is. I'm a sucker for blues!

  4. LOVE IT!!! Erika's frankens are first rate. I've got one too!

  5. Such a pretty blue! Right now the USA gets mail on Saturdays-but since they are a bazillion dollars in debt, they want to get rid of the saturday mail-your postie does look mean! I live in the woods so mine drives their own car.

  6. I wish our postie came on Saturday :( The local post office is only open til 12 on Saturdays. Bah

  7. That's really pretty.

    My mailman is also quite evil.

  8. Yay you wore it!! Glad you like it :D <3


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