Sunday, March 11, 2012

... Girly Bits - Sailors Delight ...

Firstly ... my inbox is now free! Sorry to anyone who tried to email their franken entry only to have it bounce back. I'm extremely sorry that this happened and hopefully I've rectified that so please send your entries in!! Can't wait to see them.

Also I'm replying back to those entries I've received and added to the list. If you haven't heard from me in the next 24 hours please resend! Cheers.

Secondly ... I've been rather unwell as of late and sleeping a good 20 hours a day and still feeling lowsy so hopefully I'll be back on track soon. Thanks to the wonderful ladies who sent me guest posts to use during this time.  Luckily the only polish I've managed to put on my fingers lately was a custom polish made by Pam at Girly Bits.
Sailor's Delight is a beautiful orange that likes to change to a red depending on the light. It also has pretty gold micro glitter throughout. I used 3 coats in this pic but although there isn't a visible nail line in real life showing the camera seems to believe there is. It was fast drying with no unwanted surprises!
It's hard to photo when you are unwell :( 
The shimmer is there but I couldn't capture it beautifully :( Sorry

I'll be honest - something I don't like is the bottle and that's only because majority of my homemade frankens are in similar bottles and therefore the few Girly Bits I have in the 5ml range have gotten lost more than once in my own collection.  I'm super glad that the new full size bottles have the logo and name on them though! I always love to know who made what!

Apart from that I like this polish. It's vibrant and bright and I admire anyone with the guts to release a polish range and push to be successful.

Girly Bits is available from Llarowe so if it interests you then you might want to check it out. Oh and I'll leave you with some friendly advice - if you decide to search for swatches from this range do not use Google Image Search if you have kids around or are easily offended by pics of "girly bits" on celebrities.

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  1. Looks like a nice colour

    Can't wait to see all the frankens


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