Thursday, March 22, 2012

... Love Thy Polish - Royalty ...

Love Thy Polish - Royalty
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Hi ya blogger! Miss me?? My reign of sleepiness has continued on unfortunately and I've not been able to concentrate on much lately which has included blogger. I'm having a decent day today so hopefully I'll be able to hang with you lot for the rest of the month - awesome!

Todays franken comes from the lovely Em over at Nails in the Desert. This is her line called "Love thy polish" and I give her credit. She actually goes out and sells these at a marketplace and doesn't rely on us online folk in regards to her sales. Good work!

This is Royalty and it's a beauty! It's a fantastic purple with a scattering of purple glitter through out that appears more predominantly in certain light. It applies like a jelly and it was fast drying and remarkably smooth which was a pleasant surprise considering the glitter. I've used 3 coats in the below swatch and I struggled with finding you guys the best photo as my cameras insisted that purple glitter was blue but I hope that you still see the beauty within.
** Final Verdict **
I've really enjoyed wearing this and let's face it ... you can never have enough purple polishes! Gorgeous bottle and gorgeous contents inside! Thanks for sharing your creativity with us Em!


  1. This one is real pretty. I agree, there's no such thing as too many purple polishes! :D

  2. Thanks, Sarah :) I enjoy selling them at the markets and on my town's Facebook Buy Swap Sell page. I get to meet new people and some of them turn into massage clients too ;)

  3. oh wow, this one looks pretty awesome - you are doing a great job Em

  4. That's just gorgeous! What a lovely purple.


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