Friday, March 23, 2012

... Mandypants Frankenbutt ...

MandyPants FrankenButt
Made by Mandy!
Keep those votes for the FrankenMarch comp coming! There are 3 entries going head to head at the moment and every vote counts so please vote if you haven't already! I'm sure the makers will thank you for it!

Todays beautiful franken comes care of Mandy which I received this week and it's gorgeous. I have temporarily lost my piece of paper with the name on it but I'm pretty sure it's called Mandypants Frankenbutt [please correct me if I'm wrong!!] and what doesn't this polish have?  It has glitter, it has holo, it has hex pieces, it has diamonds, it has bar glitter, it has multi colour pieces in multi sizes, it has secretly hidden glitter that only appears in certain lighting conditions plus it's crammed into a purple polish. What's not to love as it has something for everyone!

This is 3 coats plain as I was too excited to find a base coat and this actually dried really smooth without a topcoat which surprised me as usually I will sit and pick at glitter pieces that are lumpy.
Check out the action in that bottle! Wowsers!
** Final Verdict **
I could never unlove a franken - they just remind me of the creator and I know it was made with love and that in itself fills me with joy and happiness everytime I look at my nails. This one is epic and has a lot of love to give. Thanks Mandy for sharing your fantastically awesome polishes with all of us.

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  1. I am so happy it made it all the way over there with out breaking or 'sploding!! I am even more happy that you love Mandypants Frankenbutt. Yes, thats the name. :) <3 Much love my friend.


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