Monday, March 12, 2012

... Guest Post - Nails in the Desert

Todays guest post is from the beautiful Em at Nails in the Desert ... and don't think it's just a pretty name! She really is in the desert parts of Australia!

Hi everyone!
My name is Emma and I'm an Aussie blogger. I blog over at!

Sarah Claire is a good friend of mine and she inspires me a lot with her innovative ideas with polish and blogging. Her idea of having a "frankens month" theme for March is fabulous and I jumped at the chance to be involved.

I have recently started my own custom nail polish line, Love Thy Polish. I've been selling them mainly at the markets in the small mining town I live in. It is so much fun creating polishes :D I thought I'd share one of my recent creations with you.

This is Sunday, Bloody Sunday:
Two coats. This is a gorgeous deep red jelly with a touch of purple. It has candy apple red glitter throughout which gives it a glowy effect.

Here's another look:
I'd like to see more glitter on the nail ... it looks like there is plenty in the bottle but I'm not entirely satisfied with how much came out onto the nail.

I created this custom polish with a suspension base and a combination of two red tints. I then added in the candy apple red glitter. A simple polish but a striking one :D

Thanks for reading, Shatter Me Claire followers.

Nails in the Desert/Love Thy Polish


  1. love it! Is this one available for purchase?

  2. Love your polish Em! This looks awesome! =)

  3. Thanks, guys :D
    Kristy, yes it is! It's $12 a bottle... email me - zeedeveelgirl AT gmail DOT com :)


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