Saturday, March 31, 2012

... Franken Fail ...

Firstly thanks everyone for following FrankenMarch. I had a ball doing something different and having a series to focus on for the month. Apologies that my health played a part in not posting as regularly as I would have liked but it couldn't be helped. I picked up a lot of new readers and I really hope that you'll stick around.

For those following the Little Roo polishes I still have a few more metallics and other bits that I will showcase here in the next few weeks.

The Franken contest is now CLOSED and I am just double checking the votes and a winner should be announced today or tomorrow depending on how much time I get [I'm supposed to be getting ready for a wedding this minute - not blogging. Whoops]

I'll leave FrankenMarch with a fail ... an interesting fail but a fail. I come up with a lot of interesting concepts in my mind ... but generally putting them into practice turns into different results than I imagined.

Shatters always intrigue me ... partly because of their formula to actually shatter but partly because they are rather unloved in general. My question was this - could you make a holo shatter???

So I decanted a mini bottle of black shatter and got to work. Firstly add some SF ... now I had to use a lot to get the rainbow to appear as all my shatters are a lot thicker than polishes.
[dodgy fail photos to go with the fail polish]

And what happened was a big thick mess. No shatter [well it tried on one finger] but it's just disgusting. I'm embarrassed to even show you the mess. Also being a shatter it was a bitch to remove as it was just everywhere by the time I finished.
Gross .... so gross!
Even the holo couldn't overcome this chunky mess! Yuck!

The only positive I walked away with ... is the fact that this is still a dark black. Every other SF black franken I've tried to make has had a silver tinge to it while this is still definitely black. I may revisit this bottle another day armed with a heap of polish thinner as it does have possibilities but I think the shatter component is definitely long gone.

While this is a good idea in theory unless you have a heap of SF to spare I wouldn't recommend going for it. I wasted heaps on this and while I'm glad to have done it I know I wouldn't dare to it again.

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  1. Nice try though! I'm sure you'll give it another try and it'll be amazing.


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