Thursday, March 29, 2012

... Little Roo - Budgie Smugglers ...

Litte Roo - Budgie Smugglers
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Another day another hilarious funny franken name.  "Budgie Smugglers" is slang for basically tight fitting mens Speedos. Budgie is the shortened form for the name Budgerigar [yes the bird] and yeah .... well ... I guess smugglers have to put them somewhere.
Opposition Leader Tony Abbott ... doesn't ever seem to wear much else apparently

Moving on ... so Budgie Smugglers is a beautiful metallic blue that reminded me of the ocean [hence the link to the name]. This is 3 coats and unlike the other metallic blue I made this one isn't a jelly but it does dry nice and fast and seemed to hold it's own without any lumps or bumps.
Oooh - glare! Sorry about that.

Before I go ... I think there is about 30 hours or so left to get your votes in for the franken comp! So exciting!! So there is still time for you to get some last minute votes! Thank you to everyone who voted so far! They are all fantastically wonderful.  I'll have another franken for you guys tomorrow!


  1. Loving all your frankens lately! They look awesome :D

    Ooooh exciting! I wanna winnnnn!

  2. That's pretty..I love blues and the name is so cute!

  3. Love your frankens. I tagged you in my blog over at Just for fun nails


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