Friday, March 2, 2012

... No nails today - Just some franken info ...

Thanks so so so so much for the interest in my FrankenMarch everyone. I am always on the lookout to do something different so I'm hoping that this will be outside the box for myself to do a whole month on polishes made at home with love.

Just a small post today as I've already been asked "Help! How do I franken" ... here is a quick post to help you on your way!

Currently Google brings up about 2,600,000 results if you type in "how to franken polish" ... I would seriously suggest starting there as it will help you a lot more than I can.
Here's one I prepared earlier ... HA HA HA

If you are a newbie to frankening I would highly suggest grabbing out those bottles of polish you have stuck at the back of your stash that you dislike and will never wear again and get mixing. What originally was a colour that was not your colour or too sheer or just plain hideous can be turned into something beautiful that you will actually wear.

I will give you my Top 10 tips though ... that should help you out in the meantime!

* There is no right or wrong way to franken. Everyone has their own setup and tips - find what works for you and go for it.

* Common sense is a must! Obviously don't taste or touch the polish and you are playing with flammable ingredients so don't do this while smoking or near candles.

* Find yourself a nice clean working area that is free of clutter and that is not on a precious antique heirloom table. Spillages happen to even the most careful of us and there is nothing worse than getting polish where it should never go.

* Wear gloves - Seriously ... do this!! You will thank me.

* Keep a handy supply of paper towel/kitchen roll/kitchen paper/damn stuff that you use to clean up spills in the kitchen ... just incase of spills! :)

* You will have failures. Sorry but it's true. Be prepared to have a great idea and watch it fail miserably before your eyes. Learn and start again! Practice makes perfect.

* Do find a well ventilated area to play in ... there is nothing worse than having your whole house reek of nail polish and having other people comment on it.

* Cheap or dollar shops are a great way to find bottles to use if you don't have beauty shops in your area that sell empty bottles. I'd highly recommend cheap "clear" polish. You can easily tip a section out and pour an existing colour [or two or three or more!] into the mix.

* Never EVER franken with your favourite polish unless you have a backup bottle in your possession. You will regret it if you do.

* If you decide to play with pigments - please wear a safety mask to ensure you don't enhale any fine particles! I would hate for someone to use Spectraflair and then end up sprouting rainbows like the Nyan Cat.


  1. This is great! I actually started writing posts for a future Franken week last week (not as ambitious as FrankenMarch!), I like your tips!


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