Wednesday, March 14, 2012

... Little Roo - Spit the Dummy ...

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Todays franken is one that I made a few weeks ago. Enjoy!!

Little Roo - Spit the Dummy
Spit the Dummy: explosion of anger, tantrum. A "dummy" is a baby's pacifier ("He spat the dummy when I turned up late")
Type - Custom Polish
I seriously struggle with green polishes. I struggle with making them so they don't look like Shrek or the colour of his swamp is hard!! A pretty green - not booger green! So after many failed greens I arrived at this which is a green with a tinge of yellow and green, silver and blue glitter through out.

I really like this - I wore it for a few days after I made it! YAY!
3 coats - no base colour

You can see in the bottle the yellow change in the sun. I'm not sure where this has come from as zero colour change pigments were used in this franken. Interesting - something to work out in the future I think.

Glitter removal wasn't too painful. Slight smell due to stinky suspension base.


  1. So pretty, glad you didn't give up! :)

  2. gorgeous! Love the name :)
    I struggle with green too. I'm on a never ending quest to make the perfect green.

  3. Oh this is PRETTY! I struggle with green too! Love the labels, did you use the decals?

  4. @Em ... actually it's just a clear label :)

  5. I love this franken!!! <3 <3

  6. Very pretty, love green polish and love the look of this one.


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