Monday, March 26, 2012

... Little Roo - Ranga ...

Little Roo - Ranga
As always - Little Roo polishes are only available if you ask nicely! ;)
My sister came to visit last week and had fun creating with me. I think I've managed to pull together a collection of metallics but I'm not quite happy with it yet as I think it needs more colours and I ran out of bottles - whoops!

I was outvoted on the name for this but I present to you "Ranga". Like all countries we seem to pick on people with red and orange hair. Why is this? Every country seems to have their own word for redheads ... interesting. Are the rest of us that jealous that we need a special name for them? Over the last few years "ranga" has become the Australian term for someone with red hair. It's like a shortened version of the word "Orangutan". I will have to wait another day to call an orange polish "bluey"

My sister is the red head in the family and she chose this name. I guess with every name it may offend some but I will say now that I definitely don't mean to be rude or offensive ... just humourous.

Now ... back to the polish. This is 3 coats of metallic browny orange which has a slight golden glow in some light. I dunno why metallics are so unloved when they are so shiny and pretty!  As with majority of metallics there is some slight streaking that is noticeable when you look closely but apart from that this one worked out surprisingly well. I never knew metallics where easy to make from scratch!

I'll be back tomorrow with another from the metallic collection and leave you with some use of the word in question care of Summer Heights High [caution for some 15+ language!]  I hope this clip works worldwide.
I think we all went to school with someone like Jonah. I know I definitely did.


  1. I am very fond of redheads myself, despite not being one. What's the secret to making metallics from scratch, do you mind me asking?

  2. I love this and everything about this and Jonah!!

  3. @Jme - I'm still trying to work an exact formula but it seems to be something when you mix pigments and tint that makes it metallic. I can't get it to be metallic on it's own if I just use 1 but if I mix it's been appearing.

    @Reece - Who doesn't love Jonah! HA HA HA. Love ya

  4. The reason why redheads (and I am proud to be a redhead) are pilloried is all down to history. (aint it always? :D) When the Romans decided that the Celts were the enemy, they stigmatised them - spawn of the devil and all that. The stigmatisation of redheads lives on in modern day cultures. Did you know, that in times gone by, red-haired children were killed at birth? Apart from that missus, love the colour of the nail polish ;)

  5. Great name, cute polish! Looove summer heights high too LOL.

  6. Lovely shiny polish :)
    My son's a redhead. he looks just like that kid in the clip (which I watched without speakers so I have no idea what it was about).
    When I grew up it was bluey not ranga though. I think I prefer bluey but I think of my son as golden child, sunrise gold :)

  7. Very pretty colour and I love the name its adorable considering im a 'ranga' myself lol. When I was growing up I always got blood nut lol

  8. OMG this is gorgeous, Sarah!! I can't wait to see what else you come up with, they'll be amazing, I bet! I'd love to get my nails on some if ever(:

  9. That golden glow is absolutely gorgeous! Can't wait to see the rest of the collection!

  10. @Keegs - Thanks :) I always wanted to know what the reason was!

    @Rebecca - Yeah we always used Bluey at school. That or just "Ginger" ... interesting how times change. And I will have to create another orange at some stage to call "Bluey" :D

    @Nicole - If you really want some email me :D


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