Monday, March 5, 2012

... Little Roo - BushPig ...

What's a series on Frankens without some fails ... so here is one I prepared yesterday for you.

 BushPig - an unflattering word to describe a female generally from the country or bush [insert "bushpig" where you would use the word "bitch" or "slut"]
 Type - Franken
Firstly? Is Bushpig still even used? It sounds so 80s but it was the first thing that popped into my head when this creation was born. Still makes me giggle like an immature 13 year old!

I had good intentions with this franken and it mixed well on my palette but in the end it's all my fault that failure occured. Sometimes you need to think ahead and I didn't. So - on with the story.

Basically this is Chemistry 230 mixed with Ulta3 Brandywine.
Chemistry 230 was one of my first Chemistrys I managed to source and I was extremely excited as it looked so pretty in the bottle but sadly it was only some red glitter and holo bars in some clear ... and honestly I've never worn it since and it's sat at the back of my helmer collecting dust.

I thought Brandywine would be a good mix as it's a red with a shimmer and in my mind I really wanted to more create the look of the Chemistry bottle and have it show actually on nails.

Sounded good in theory right. The frankened bottle looks fantastic with the pretty holo pieces mixed in with red shimmer and it looks awesome ... but ... someone didn't make it a 1 coater did they *sad*
So unfortunately you end up with holo pieces under the 2nd coat of red that is required. I'm also not a pro in scooping bar glitter out - it never works for me. I may try it in future on top of a red but at the moment I'm just disappointed with it.

So that's my franken fail for the time being. Unless someone I owe a swap too wants this then it's destined to go back into the spot recently vacated by Chemistry 230 to sit back collecting dust.


  1. I'm loving the name of this polish lol. "Bushpig" is still used, at least in my family. I live in the country and that's what my sister calls me. The colour of this polish is beautiful too :)

  2. Loving your naming style with your little roo polishes! It sure looks pretty in the bottle. I love bar glitter!

  3. Love the name :) How would it look if you layered it as 1 coat over a similar red to get the opacity without covering the glitter?

  4. argh i wished i could find Chemistry near me :(

    by the way, i gave you the Laine Award over on my blog:

    congrats :)

    - Cathy


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