Tuesday, March 27, 2012

... Little Roo - I'm Beached As Bro ...

Little Roo - I'm Beached As Bro
As always - Little Roo polishes are only available if you ask nicely ;)
Firstly before I go too far ... I'm asked this a lot so I wanted to point this out. My Little Roo labels are simply clear labels used with a laser printer. You can buy these sheets in a decent stationery shop or online on somewhere like eBay. I buy the full sheets and cut to size. If you enlarge the bottle you can see on this shot that it's a label not glass printed!  Okies ... onto the polish.

Firstly the name - this colour reminded me of the whale from the show Beached Az [which hopefully will appear as a clip at the bottom]. For those non-Aussies it's basically a show about a whale who gets beached in New Zealand ... but ... it's done by Australians so the accents are exaggerated and that kinda makes it funnier. [Yes Australian and Kiwi accents are different ... ] I chose the name in normal English simply as I was having a hard time deciding whether to write brew or bru! Ah the problems in life.  Now I see them side by side it's not the same shade of blue but too late - the label is already stuck on!

Now ... this is definitely the strangest polish I've ever made. I'm not saying it as a bad thing but just saying I don't have anything like it. It's a gorgeous metallic blue ... but ... it seems to be on the jelly side of life. Interesting. Don't ask how I did this - it just happened.

This is 3 coats as it is quite sheer but it is extremely smooth without a top coat. I would however recommend waiting between coats for it to dry a bit otherwise it dents easily even with a quick dry top coat.

Oh and cos I was bored ... here it is matted :) Pretty!

** I'll give a disclaimer as there is a single swear word ... although I believe it's  pronounced "shut" when spoken and not the other word!! **


  1. This polish is FREAKIN' AWESOME!!!!!!!!! Can I buy one? Pretty please? I was having a hard time envisioning it when you told me about it but it looks amazing!!


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