Tuesday, March 13, 2012

... Guest Post - Lab Muffin ...

Todays Guest Post is from Lab Muffin! Seriously go check it out as it is not just full of fantastic nail love. It incorporates some fun scientific beauty facts that I know I for one have never thought about.  Thanks Michelle for writing this!

Also  - keep those FrankenMarch entries coming!!!! I'm loving seeing them all and there is definitely room for more!

I recently opened my mail to find China Glaze CG in the City, a gorgeous mix of small purple, silver and bronze glitters in a clear base. Naturally, I had to franken with it!
I mixed CG in the City with ulta3 Twilight Fever (purple shimmer in brown creme, Paradoxal dupe) and ulta3 Berry (purple creme) in a ratio of about 5:4:1 to get this dusty purple-with-glitter-bits colour, which I'm calling Mercury (after both the planet and the Freddie).

It dries a bit rough, but it's easily fixed with topcoat. I love how the little bits of glitter make the polish look like a perfectly clear starry night sky.


  1. I really love this one ... you can never have enough purples in your life!!

  2. I agree! Can't go wrong with purple!


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