Monday, September 5, 2011

... Blue Monday. Beauty Style - Blue Knight ...

Beauty Style - Blue Knight
Purchased from Priceline - $2.99
Dear Blogger - I love you but the new interface sucks and keeps posting things when I don't want them to appear.

This is a cheapo polish that I picked up for free last time I had vouchers for Priceline. I've seen a few of this brand swatched in the past week so I thought I'd finally get mine out of the plastic and give it a whirl.

This is "Blue Knight" and it's an ok polish but it's nothing super special. Straight away the first impression is that it's tiny - the bottle only holds 6.24ml.

The colour is more of a dark blue - oddly it actually goes on slightly darker than the bottle [how does that happen?].  The brush on this bottle is small and a pain to use. Give me a regular brush anyday - but surprisingly the polish  fights back and overcomes any streaks left by the brush to make a smooth polish. It actually looks a bit like a jelly when it's on and dried.
I ended up making this a matte which I liked a lot better which really is not like me at all. I generally like shiny things. I used Essie "Matte about you" which I received from the lovely Tamala in a swap recently and it's awesome - dries quick and makes everything pretty!
** Final Verdict **
It's small and it's got a horrible brush ... but if you overlook that there is a pretty blue polish waiting to appear and make your day!


  1. I love matte dark blue polishes! Looks great.

  2. Yeah I went back to the old interface! Kept changing my scheduled posting times and the pages are too wide for my iPad to see it! I hate it! Love this blue though

  3. I like the matte better too!

    Did you see my taupe swatched in the past week? *wink wink*

  4. I love blue polishes, this is no exception!

  5. Argh, yes, Blogger is being stupid for me too!! I'm back on the old interface tho adn it's still been doing it?!

    Oh cool, this is a pretty colour! I might have to check out Priceline when I'm in Adelaide next :D I definitely prefer it matte too :D


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