Thursday, September 8, 2011

... Cate Ruby - Hello Yellow ...

Cate Ruby - Hello Yellow
Purchased from Cate Ruby - $14.95 AUD
Seriously yellow polish is under rated - I'm not sure why so many people don't like it. It's the second week of spring here and I'm seriously wanting to get out all the bright happy colours and hoping that the weather will follow suit!

This beauty is the latest colour from Cate Ruby called "Hello Yellow". It's a lovely vibrant yellow that fully covers the nail in 2 coats. I didn't have any issues with streaks or bubbles - just pure fantasticness.

Now regular readers know that my ultimate nail polish lasting test revolves around the disgusting chemical filled public pool I visit. Until now I'd only had 1 out of many many polishes last the test until this became number 2 - hoorah! So I officially give this the "Shatter me Claire longlife wear tick of approval" - I wore this for 3 days including being in the chlorine infested pool for an hour and walked away with zero chips. FANTASTIC!
Now I know yellow isn't everyones cup of tea - especially this one as it's so bright but I decided to give it a stamp to soften the colour slightly and decided to use BM-221 with Konad black polish ... and even though I smudged the black in a few places [must practice some more!] I got SO many comments on this it wasn't funny. Even one lady at a beauty/polish shop didn't believe they were real and thought I'd put stickers on. I'll be definitely wearing this design again at some point in the future - love it!!
** Final Verdict **
If you don't mind wearing a bright yellow then you might want to consider picking this one up. I had zero issues with the application and I know I'll be wearing again in the future. Now ... come on Spring!!!


  1. How cute is this? Oh I wish I did konad/stamping ... Luv it!!

  2. The stamping looks hot! I think I own only three yellow polishes that are truly yellow, not gold. It's the one big colour gap in me collection. Love it on you!

  3. I love that bottle! Plus it's such a bright, pretty color! :)

  4. Love the print over the yellow!

  5. Love it :D How funny, I put a similar colour on just before I read this posted and stamped it too!!!

  6. I love this! I have really been digging on yellows lately :o)


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