Thursday, September 29, 2011

... Revlon - 375 Passion Fruit ...

Revlon - 375 Passion Fruit
Gifted by Lyncia
I know the scented polishes have done the rounds already but I've only just gotten my hands on some and I'm quite excited.

Firstly - this polish is a BTP [b*tch to photograph] ... the top pic is closer to the truth than the pink that turns up in the later pic. Judging from what I pulled on Google Images it seems I'm not the only one with this problem. So I've made some dot points about this polish for you all ...

DO use at least 2 coats [1 just doesn't quick do the trick]
DON'T make the coats too thick even though it's tempting with the amount that comes off the brush
DO enjoy the lovely look and smooth streak free coating
DON'T attempt to eat chips while waiting for it to dry or it will no longer be smooth
DO enjoy the fruity smell while on your nails
DON'T try to take a whiff out of the polish bottle to see what it smells like
DO show all your friends
DON'T shove your fingers under peoples noses and say "smell my finger"
** Final Verdict **
A nice refreshing change from having stinky polish ... the scent seemed to hang around for awhile aswell which I wasn't expecting. I thought it might disappear after a few washes. I keep getting a pleasant scent everytime I put my hands up past my face. I also found them this week in my local Target for $13.95 - woohoo! No excuses not to try! Get on it!


  1. pretty color! your point :p

  2. This looks great! I should have read this earlier, I totally ate chips just after doing my mani yeterday! Love that last tip! bwah haa haa - smell my finger!

  3. HAHAHAHA-smell my finger!!! Classic!

  4. You just about floored me with the $13.95... I thought you meant in the US lol


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