Wednesday, September 28, 2011

... Happy Spring Gradient ...

I decided to try something different today and try out some gradient art - now I've sucked badly at gradients in the past but practice makes perfect so I'll keep plugging at it. After failing badly at using makeup sponges to do this I received last week a cheapo sponge from Hong Kong as a freebie with an eBay order I placed. Basically it's the same shape as a Konad stamper but just has a foam base so I thought I'd give it a shot.

So I've started with yesterdays mani of Finger Paints in Art Nouv-Yellow and sponged Ulta3 in Crazy over the top.
Oooh ... actually doesn't look too bad - so to finish it off I've sponged Ulta3 in Sizzling Red on the top for a 3 way contrast.
And then I decided to get out the OPI White Shatter to see what that looked like on top. In hindsight I probably should have stamped on top but hey - next time! It still looks happy even though I should have waited longer for the red to dry as I have pink in a few places instead of white.
** Final Verdict **
I was quite pleased with myself with how it went so I'll definitely try this technique out again in the future!


  1. Nice, this reminds me of one of those lifesaver iceblocks

  2. This looks incredible!!! I'm sitting here looking at my boringly painted nails going hmmm....experiment time!

  3. That's so cool! You should be happy. You did great. Your nails reminded me of candy corn in the first picture lol.

    XoXo, Bree
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  4. Great job - I love it with the white shatter on top. In fact I think it is the best I've ever seen white shatter look. That combo is so awesome.

  5. Thanks everyone! :) I might have to do this one again soon!

  6. I adore it with the white shatter over the top, the white turning into pink makes it more gradienty. :)

  7. Maybe it's just because it's October now, but this totally makes me thing of candy corn lol.

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