Thursday, September 15, 2011

... It's all in a name & NOTD ...

I seem to have offended someone lately with this so I'll come clean. Personally I don't see the big deal - as a name is a name but I don't want anyone feeling unloved that they didn't know and I don't want anymore hurt feelings.

For those of you who don't know technically my name isn't "Claire" - It's not the name written on my birth certificate and really it's more of an alias. A portion of people in my real life that I have met in the past few years call me Claire which is a really long story that I don't have time to type up but it started with someone believing my name was Claire and calling me that constantly. Dunno where it came from but it became more of a humourous point of my life than an annoying point - my husband and I get a huge laugh from it and I seriously don't mind being called Claire - she seems to have a lot of fun!

I'm a big believer that if you tell someone that "they don't look like a *name goes here*" then the reason is simple ... you know someone with the same name and that the 2 people don't look alike. I struggled in high school reading a book about a character named "Homer" as all I could think of was Homer Simpson [doh!] ... so I must look like a Claire!

When I started getting back into polish I had a dream about a blog and I was going to call it "Shatter me Claire" - I don't often remember dreams so it was a weird occasion for me but I took my own advice and here we are today.

So ... there you go. Feel free to call me Claire still ... or you can go to Sarah Claire which is what I'm on Facebook as these days. Honestly I'm not fussed but I don't want anyone else to feel upset over it.

And with that out of the way .... here are my nails of the day.
This is Finger Paints Add & Abstract with China Glaze Fairy Dust over the top ... pretty. The sun is out today so holo away my beauty! I've already done a swatch of Add & Abstract in the past but I'll do a full one on Fairy Dust soon!

Have a good one *heads out into the sunshine*


  1. Honestly, who cares about names? You could have a completely nonsensical blog name and never even give your real name, and most people wouldn't bat an eyelid. All that matters is the polish. The sweet, sparkly polish. ;)

  2. Tee hee, that's so funny. I can't believe that is something someone could be offended by. You'll always be Claire to me, and I've totally imagined what you look like too (but not in a creepy way ok) I once called a girl at work Holly, when her name was Hope. She's been Holly ever since.

  3. Ummm...this is highly amusing to me.
    I met one of my best blogging friends and knew her for years as "Millie", only to find out her name was Sarah, and Millie was just a nickname! No big deal in my book. Actually, she was a little private and shy, so I understood her reasoning and wasn't offended by it, so needless to say I wouldn't be offended by yours either. I just think it's cute that both of you are Sarah...something! ;)
    Pretty combination!

  4. My name is nowhere on my blog-love to remain anonymous-plus don't want any freaks from my past finding me!


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