Tuesday, September 20, 2011

... A England - King Arthur ...

... A England - King Arthur ...
Won! [Hoorah] but available online at the A England website
Awhile ago the A England Facebook page had a "tag and win" competition on their beautiful range of polishes - and I was lucky enough to win one of them!! Woohoo!!!!!
So I was so excited when it arrived! We all know Australia Post isn't fast at the best of times but I'm glad it finally got here in top condition [as any King should!]. I also got a little card from Adina! YAY!

I've seen swatches of A England around but nothing could prepare me for how wonderful these actually are. King Arthur is a beautiful dark grey - reminds me of that dark murky colour of armour and swords. My camera didn't capture how wonderful this polish actually is - it seems to slightly change colour in different light to more of a blue grey. Brilliant! There is a slight shimmer that is visible that varies from pink to green to silver to blue. Wow!

This polish just glides on and it's beautiful. This is only 2 coats of pure awesome. King Awesome! Super fast drying with no unslightly bumps or anything. Gorgeous!
[ooh - the shadowing makes my thumb look evil!!]
** Final Verdict **
It's been awhile since a polish blew me over like this. It's fantastic in colour and even better in application! So over the weekend I've ordered a few more of this collection in hope that they are just as wonderful! Also ... they have free shipping worldwide!!!! FANTASTIC!!! You know you want it! DO IT!!!!!


  1. I've been raving about A England for ages. I'm glad you've experienced the wonder now too! Well done on winning it. I can't wait for the new collection.

  2. Love a-England!

    Lucky you to win one :o)

  3. Gahh this looks absolutely gorgeous! I'm going to ask my friend from the UK to send some over mwahaha


  4. Congrats on the win. I haven't tried any yet, but your fave about them is making me consider an order! This is beautiful!


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