Wednesday, September 7, 2011

... Glitter Gal - Passion Kiss ...

Glitter Gal - Passion Kiss Lip Gloss                                   
Purchased from Glitter Gal Cosmetics - $9.95 AUD
Yes this still Shatter me Claire and No I haven't turned into a beauty blog - I'm still a nails girl - but this came across my path recently and I wanted to share as I know that some of you readers would be interested in this.

I know that everyone knows that Glitter Gal has fantastic 3D holographic nail polish - but do you know what other items they sell?? I've ordered via their site numerous times and I had no idea - I seem to bypass everything and run straight to the polishes. I'd seen the mascara around but only as it was being sold at Perfume Connection as part of the "Bling" collection right next to the 3D polishes but that's about it.

So here goes - this is a lip gloss from their "Kissing Booth" range called Passion Kiss which is a gorgeous reddish brown with gold shimmer throughout. Kinda reminds me of the red dirt you get in the northern areas of Australia ... but a shiny version!

I've been racking my brain as to what it smells like as it really does bring back childhood memories for some reason but I can't put my finger on what - I keep thinking "Hubba Bubba" but I can't find any of todays flavours that match [yes I went out and brought a heap!]. It's something fruity anyway [would love to know if you guys have this gloss and have an idea!]

I'm not big on lip glosses personally as most of the colours I've really liked in the past have a formula that I hate - that formula that dries your lips out and makes them start to peel and look dry and disgusting! You know the one I mean. This one is different and seems to keep them moist and also this one doesn't feel like your lips are sticking together

The size is 15g which seems huge compared to some of the other lipglosses I have lying around the place. Now I've never swatched lip gloss so please be nice - hopefully you'll get an idea of the colour.
Straight out the tube! [yuck - my skin looks gross up close]
Ooh smudgy!
** Final Verdict **
I totally didn't expect this lipgloss to be so nice. It looks a lot darker in the tube then what it appears and I really wasn't sure how this would look on me. I also had a nice surprise on how nice the formula is - I won't have dry gross looking lips for a bit!!  If you find yourself ordering from Glitter Gal in the future then I'd recommend checking out their makeup section - you might be surprised!

I'll be definitely be back to some nail swatches tomorrow for you all! See you then!


  1. I love lip glosses, especially ones with a gold shimmer. I really like brown toned ones too, rather than pink. I might have to check this out. Like you a just go straight to the polishes!

  2. pretty shade! I am not big on lip glosses. I am a chap stick girl!


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