Wednesday, September 14, 2011

... NYC Color - Frappé ...

NYC Color - Frappé
Purchased from Woolworths Supermarkets - $2.00 AUD
Remember a week or so ago when I posted a big bin of NYC polishes at my local Woolies - well that's now gone. I can't believe how quickly that massive bin emptied. I'm now seriously hoping they restock as I only walked away with 6 or so polishes.

Anyway I'll come out and say it ... Frappé really should have been named "Crappé" - ugh. This polish was awful for me - streaky and took forever to try and then still smudged. It was also quite sheer and it's really disappointing considering how beautiful this is in the bottle.

Firstly obviously what I think as the colour "frappé" isn't the colour at all as this is the second polish with this name in my collection and both are similar colours being more of a pinky purple and not browns at all.

On the outside it looks like a beautiful dusty pink that nearly looks like a metallic in the bottle - in reality it's an extremely sheer light pink.

This is 3 coats of frappé and it's not entirely opaque plus you can see a lot of streaks. There is no bubbles but the drying time leaves something to be desired. Even with a top coat this only lasted a day before I started to get chips and tip wear - seriously disappointing.
** Final Verdict **
Rather disappointing and I won't be wearing this again ... well not like this. I'm hoping to be able to franken it into something wearable though.


  1. Hi Hi!
    I got a bunch of these maybe 20 at woolies the other day.
    Some are ok, some a re yuck, but I mainly got them for frankening and nail art so i wasn't too fussed.
    Some colours are better than others
    here are the one's I got
    NYC sprinkles multi-glitter
    NYC vintage pink pink
    NYC tin roof silver
    NYC feather boa pink
    NYC red slippers red
    NYC purple minkey purple
    NYC pink princess pink
    NYC lemon yellow
    NYC gelati orange jelly
    NYC platinum
    NYC berrylicious purple plum
    NYC berry fuschia raspberry
    NYC bannana split yellow
    NYC lavender apricot
    NYC angel white
    NYC peachy keen peach
    NYC gold coin gold
    NYC dusty pink pink
    NYC blue bird blue

  2. Crappé - I like it! I can't believe all those NYC's sold out that quickly. I've been wondering if the NYC polishes are dupy of the Ulta3 ones, just with different names? I haven't see a NYC bin here yet to compare.

  3. Frankens for the win!
    I've had a few Revlon polishes put to one side as they were too runny, too sheer or just bleah. I've added a few of the tiny scoops of spectra to them and now they're ... wow!
    Only one seemed a bit too creamy to get the full effect so I'm going to add more clear to see if that fixes it.
    PS. I'm always lurking but it's time I told you I enjoy your blog very much.

  4. Sorry you didn't like it, but it sure makes for a funny post! Crappe. Hilarious!


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