Tuesday, September 27, 2011

... Finger Paints - Art Nouv-Yellow ...

Finger Paints - Art Nouv-Yellow
Gifted from the lovely Tamala
I've already said I've got a thing for yellow this spring! So this one was jumping at me out of my untested overflowing helmer drawer.

This is a beautiful yellow - it reminds me of bananas! Nom nom nom. I've seriously missed eating bananas and can't wait until they are back in production and cheap to buy again! [For those non-Aussies banana prices jumped to a seriously expensive $15/kg due to a cyclone that hit North Queensland last summer - they are only starting to drop in price now]

This is 3 coats and while there is some visible nail line going on it's still really beautiful. No lumps or bumps with this polish but there is a slight dent on my nail which I apologise for - that's my actual nail doing that not the polish.
** Final Verdict **
Ah yellow ... such a happy colour. I would have loved it if this particular yellow was thicker but it's still a beautiful polish. Makes me smile!


  1. Have missed your posts lately, Nice yellow! & I can't wait for bananas to be cheap again too

  2. hey m new to your blog!! nice fresh burst of colours to got on ur nails! Do check out my blog too!

  3. I hardly ever wear yellow, but this looks so great on you it just makes me want to go put one on right now. Yummy banana nails. nom nom nom.

  4. Hey guys :) It's good to be back! I've really been loving yellow so far this spring - I've never been big on it in past years but I'll keep rocking it while I can :)

  5. It's fall here and i hate bananas!! But I hope prices come down for you!! That's crazy expensive! My bedroom is painted yellow-so I love it!!


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