Friday, September 16, 2011

... Chemistry 242 and Haul photos ...

Chemistry 242
Purchased from edistribution - $4.70 AUD
So I finally dragged my butt down to the edistribution warehouse last week [aka Polish Heaven] as I haven't been for awhile. This is the warehouse to get Chemistry polishes from and as I've explained before they are Ozotic dupes [although some batches are slightly different to Ozotics as we are finding out]
Sadly to say the top shelf is the 500 and 600 shelf ... and it's looking a bit sad and sorry for itself. If it's been restocked then it's also been quickly raided.  This was the only photo I took but to get an idea of this place multiply these 3 shelves by 4 or 5 across ... very drool worthy!

I'm embarrassed to say this is how many I walked away with this trip ... I've been trying to condole myself by saying that most are for other people so I don't feel so guilty about it.
Also heads up to anyone heading that way that apart from a few crusty bottles that look like testers - the square Essential Beauty polishes aren't in stock either. I couldn't bring myself to buy a half empty bottle ... Bummer really as they look so good.

Anyhoo ... on to todays swatch. This is 242 and I've found some real gems in this 200 series. This is a blue to greeny-gold duochrome - pretty!

I'm not sure if it was the brush or the polish but this one did come out a bit streaky but not enough to make me throw it in frustration. It still dried really quickly though.
Pretty blue

Turning light blue
Weird greeny gold colour - dunno how to describe it but it looks fantastic

** Final Verdict **
For the price really you can't go wrong. The other duochromes in the 700 series are just as nice but more expensive. The only downside was the slight streaking but that can be easily overlooked when it changes colour before your eyes.

End Note - If I brought some of these polishes for you for whatever reason I'll be emailing you today to let you know what's going on! Cheers


  1. Wow, what an awesome duochrome! Where abouts is the warehouse? Knowing my luck, it won't be in Sydney...

  2. so you can just walk in and buy these? Do you need to be a nail tech. etc? Is this the one in South Australia? (norwood?)

  3. Super gorgeous duchromes :D And an awesome haul!

  4. Very pretty, you did a great job picking this one up!

  5. Now I just want to go shopping :)

  6. @olgiepolgie - the warehouse is in Adelaide ... but you can pick these polishes up from Essential Beauty if you have any stores near you [heads up though that the pricing changes from store to store]

    @Kelz86 - Yup the one in Norwood. I've always just walked in - they are very friendly. I'm sure you would have to show qualifications on some products but for polish you don't.

  7. awesome! I never knew of this place. I just wasn't going to fork out $15-$20 for these polishes! Yippee! I might have to take a trip there now haha! It's not far from where i work (burnside village) so i might duck in there after work one day!


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