Thursday, September 1, 2011

... Finger Paints - Add & Abstract ...

Finger Paints - Add & Abstract
Gifted from the extremely lovely Tamala

Firstly ... I haven't been around for the past few days as I haven't felt like swatching or even changing my polish. I caught my right hand middle finger badly and it caught well below where it should [ow ow ow ow ow ow]. 
I know it's silly but I felt really crappy about it and didn't want to do much with my nails - but I missed you guys ... now I'm aiming to have it grown out in time for my brothers wedding in October *crosses fingers* ... Now moving on!

This is my first finger paints and I was so excited to receive it! If you ever hear random squeals of excitement then it's only me receiving wonderful mail! This is a beautiful colour which I'm going to say is a teal. It's definitely a green blue in the shade and more of an azure blue in the sun. There is a slight shimmer aswell which is beautiful

These swatches are 2 coats on nude nails. I found it easy to apply with no streaks or bubbles appearing. Also the drying time was really good so no need for a quick dry.
Inside looking greeny-blue
In the sun looking more of an azure blue

* Final Verdict *
I love this polish. It was beautiful and easy to wear plus seriously this polish reminds me of my first car - my beloved Mazda. Sadly we departed ways under a year ago and I still miss her. I know it's sad to have an attachment to a material item like a car but we were together a long time. Technically she was blue but she used to shift in the sun like this polish *loves*

{photo taken from Google image search}


  1. Don't feel silly about missing your car-mine is 7 yrs old, at 135,000 miles and when she goes, I will forever be sad!

  2. I love this polish!

  3. Sorry about your break. It must be the time for it, there are a few of us sporting nubbins at the moment. I love that this polish reminds you of your mazda too. Very pretty colour.


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