Tuesday, August 30, 2011

... Sweet Color - Diamond Lavender ...

Sweet Color - Diamond Lavender
This came last week and it's my prize from the Konad Addict 1 year anniversary giveaway. I was so excited to receive this as I don't have any Sweet Color polishes in my collection and also as this was the first ever giveaway I've won!!! You could probably hear me squealing with excitement when I picked this up from the post office.

Firstly - how gorgeous is the bottle. I love the shiny design of the gold top and the beautiful purple polish just looks fantastic.

This one is Diamond Lavender which is a beautiful purple glitter with larger holographic hex pieces in it. Pretty! Loving it when the holo pieces grab the sunlight! The glitter is lovely and thick and builds up nicely and quickly. I found it dried relatively quickly aswell which is a plus as there is nothing worse than smudging glitter polish as it didn't dry properly.

This is 3 coats of polish but to be honest if you use a nude as a base you could get away with using 2 as I only went 3 as I still had a bit of a visible white line going on.

Being a glitter as you would expect this does not dry smooth. If you aren't a fan of the bumpy feel then some top coat will sort that out for you. I've just used Sally Hansen Insta-dri on this and it's been fine.

Removal is frankly a bitch - you will need to foil this and foil it good. On the plus side though that means that this will be a good no chip polish as it's impossible to budge.
Outside - click to see all the lovely red and blue reflections off the holo pieces

** Final Verdict **
I actually really like this polish and I had numerous comments on it in the short time I wore it. It's bright and seriously catches the sunlight to make you smile. It goes on easily and comes off the opposite when it's time to change polishes.

In a side note - I really need to trim my nails. For some reason the middle one is nowhere near the length of the others. Looking at past photos it's been going on for a bit but it's only started to annoy me today - grrrr. Back down in length we go.


Thanks for the comments - they always make me feel loved :)

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