Monday, July 18, 2011

... Blue Monday - Chemistry 744 Revisited ...

I really wanted to revisit this duochrome that I struggled to swatch properly in the first place HERE.  So welcome to attempt #2. Black base didn't show this polish like I wanted. White base didn't show this polish like I wanted ... so hello nude base!!

I ended up using Nfu-Oh #23 which has turned into my fave nude - I'll be using this for quite a few of these tricky polishes that I've discovered. It's slightly darker than my skin tone but not much and I'm finding it a great base coat for those polishes that are too sheer otherwise.

Now here are the photos of it looking both blue and purple. Again my photography skills are sucky but I'm hoping you can see the slight difference between the blue and purple. It's not a huge shift but it's definitely there.
Looking blue

And here it is looking slightly more purple!

Like before this polish was still easy to apply with no streaks and dries as quick as it did last time.

** Final Verdict **
I really like this polish and it's subtle colour change. I've been finding it uplifting over the past few days since the weather has been drab and cold.


  1. Super pretty! I like the purple tint!

  2. duochromes are always very difficult to capture in pictures. Pretty polish.

  3. Awesome! This looks like an amped up version of Maybelline Blue Brilliance. Blue and pink is a cool effect.


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