Tuesday, July 12, 2011

... Chemistry 133 ...

Chemistry 133
Purchased from Essential Beauty / Essential Distribution - $4.55
So today I've been continuing on with the requested Chemistry swatches from my hauls a few weeks ago. If you want to request a polish from this range [or any other range!] that I have in my possession feel free to suggest it. I'm slowly adding all my polishes to the "Stash" tag up the top.

This is a light purple glitter polish and it's easy to apply and streak free. Because of the glitter you aren't going to get a smooth finish but if that's your thing I'm sure some top coat will sort that problem out for you.
I'll be really honest. This really does look and feel like piCture pOlishes new "Antique" which I reviewed not long ago. Antique is slightly darker than 133 but I think that's only because 133 isn't so thick with glitter pieces and it is slightly more sheer but really I don't think you can tell the difference.
Can you tell? Middle and smudged pinky are in Antique while the other 2 are in Chemistry. If you didn't know better I think you could pass it off as being the same colour.

** Final Verdict **
I've already said that I love this colour when I reviewed Antique and I stand by that. It's a fantastic purple! Honestly I prefer the piCture pOlish version just for the heavier polish but really for $4.55 this is a super fantastic polish if you can't afford Antique.


  1. This is a very pretty color!

  2. Great comparison with PP Antique. I also have another dupe for this, but I'm saving to post that when I do my Antique review for PP Blog fest. I'm off now to check your Chemistry haul to request some swatches.

  3. I would love to see Chemistry #523. I just realised I don't have that colour in my Ozotic/Artform/Chemistry range.

  4. I can't wait for your PP Antique review :) And 523 is coming up. I'll get swatching now just for you :)

  5. So pretty and very duppy as well.

    Just checked out your stash list to - i love stash lists/collection pics and the like *geek* *opps* I was going to tell you something else, but remember you are on a no buy, so *zips lips.* Lucky I realised just as I was about to hit post. :D

  6. :O You can't do that ... I wanna know now!! TELL MEEEEEEEEEEEE :(

  7. I love how you review stuff! Reviews and comps = fabulous. <3

  8. I'm determined to win a comp at some stage!!! :) I'm starting to get items together for one at 100 followers - half way there :)


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