Saturday, July 16, 2011

... Glitter Gal - Copper ...

Glitter Gal - Copper 3D Holographic
Purchased from GlitterGal - $11.95
I promised that I would swatch a few more Glitter Gal polishes so I thought I'd do a Glitter Gal weekend for you guys - they'll be another one tomorrow. This one is "Copper" and yes the Glitter Gal bottles are smaller than most but they definitely make up for that with the WOW that comes with it.

Copper is a light brown colour with that fantastic holographic effect thrown in for fun! It's streak free and fast drying and unlike a lot of other holographic polishes I've tried out - this one is fine with a top coat and doesn't seem to loose it's shiny properties.

This is a single coat [yes it doesn't take much to sparkle] over two coats what's fast becoming my favourite nude Nfu.Oh 23
Inside with no light

I got up super early to take this pic for you! My house is generally well lit so I had to get in before the sun did!  Without light directly on it, well as you can see it's still a bright colour and you can see a little bit of the glittery holographics coming through. It's a nice enough colour on it's own.
Under artificial light

Sparkle sparkle!!! Look at that rainbow of awesomeness radiating out the bottle! *drools*
In the sunlight ... kinda

As close as I'm going to get to sunlight today - it's winter and cloudy out there! One day I'll learn to photograph holos better.

** Final Verdict **
If you like holos then get your hands on some Glitter Gals - I believe there is an eBay stockist in the states who will supply worldwide. I don't mind this colour - it's nice and subtle indoors and you could really get away with wearing it for work as long as you don't work near a lot of bright lights!! 


  1. awwwww I love it!

  2. Holo are my favourite nail polishes so this one is a beautiful colour. I cannot believe I like so much holo and I only have 3 :)


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