Friday, July 8, 2011

... Bourjois #17 Bougainvillea No Chips ...

Wow - Friday Favourites rolled around quick!! Here's one that I swatched earlier in the week for you guys.

Bourjois #17 No Chips
Purchased from Priceline - $13.00
[They have a special until July 18 - buy 3 for the price of 2]
I was asked by a real life friend to keep testing out the "long wear" polishes that have appeared in more abundance lately. This one says that it has a 3 day minimum wear with no chips and up to 10 days. If you are like me then you are a bit skeptical from claims like this but this one seems to live up to the reputation and therefore has found it's way into the favourite box.

I love the colour as it's a dark pink that often tends to look more red and it is streak free and is a lovely bright colour. I've only used 2 coats and it dried reasonably quickly without resorting to using QuickDry.

The brush is different as it's thick and angled and was surprising easily to use. It's supposed to make "touch ups" easy - I didn't get to test that out this time around but I can see that it would be handy with it's angled brush to get into corners and just where you want the polish to be. Unlike some of the other bigger brushes I found this one really easy to use and I could pretty much cover my nails in 2 strokes of the brush.
It's a little thing but I love that the lid on this polish clicks when it's fully shut. I've had way too many polishes dry up or leak that I thought were closed only to find out they weren't fully.

This is one of the few polishes to survive my weekly trip to the local public swimming pool. Most polishes just can't handle an hour swimming in their overdosed chlorine pool but this looked as perfect coming out as it did going in.

On day 3 I chipped it for the first time but to be fair that wasn't the polishes fault. I caught my nail on a shampoo bottle when I was opening it and tore it :( Until that point it was still looking bright and pristine.
** Final Verdict **
I really like this polish. I like the colour, I like the easy application and I really love the fact that I can wear this swimming and not come out the pool with half my polish missing and my hands looking a wreck.  I'm planning on buying more colours in this range - it's well worth it! [and I'm considering breaking my "no buy" while it's all on sale - might think about this some more]


  1. Really great color! I keep saying no more buying but I still do haha

  2. Thanks guys :) I'm trying to resist buying anything for July ... really hard though :(


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