Thursday, July 28, 2011

... BYS -Mauve-in on up ...

BYS - Mauve-in on up
Purchased from Kmart - $3.95
Here's yet another BYS untried out of the stash. This one is "mauve-in on up" and I originally picked this up for the colour on the bottle. It's purple but you can see lines of blue throughout the polish. That doesn't really translate onto the nails but seems to come through a lot more on photos.

It's streak free and was easy to apply and it definitely dries quick and smooth. It's not as jelly as some of the other BYS polishes but it's definitely as shiny - I'm not sure if this one is a dud but it's got a stronger smell than the other BYS polishes I've used in the past ... just saying!
This one really looks unexciting with the BYS crackle that only works with BYS polishes. I'm definitely not a fan of their "Shatter" range at all but I thought I should keep trying it out and hoping for the one in a million fantastic shot. I'm mainly uploading to show how blue that bottle can get.
** Final Verdict **
If you can get past the smell this polish was great. Streak free and a great colour. I'll be giving it a wear another day.


  1. Ive never been a fan of BYS polish. I might need to pick one up and try again.

  2. The crackle is very unique looking. And why would a brand sell crackle that only works with their brands. I don't understand that. haha.


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