Monday, July 25, 2011

... Blue Monday - Nfu-Oh 51 ...

Nfu-Oh 51
Purchased from ViVidNails

I picked this up from the VividNails $2 Nfu.Oh sale a month [I believe they still have a few colours left so if you are in Australia go check it out!]. I hadn't gotten around to wearing it until now. I regret that as this is a fantastic colour!!

As recommended by the lovely ReecesPeeces I've layered this over a coats of Coral Colours Black Sateen. I've shown 2 coats in this swatch. This was streak free and a dream to apply - full of blue shimmer that appears in the sunlight.
** Final Verdict **
I love this blue - so pretty and I don't seem to have any others that quite match it. One of my more favourite Nfu.Ohs :)


  1. Such a pretty blue!!!! Love it!

  2. I got this one for two bucks too. Awesome isn't it. Looks great over black!

  3. what a wonderful color. very deep over the black. have you tried it alone?

  4. I need to buy some more of the $2 cheapies - I have a credit on my account with them due to an overcharge on the last lot I brought :)

    @Courteney - I'll do a nude swatch of this for you this week :)

  5. what a lovely blue..I may need to check ebay for this stunner!



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