Saturday, July 9, 2011

... first dot attempt ...

When I first started on blogger I saw someones suggestion to use a pin in the end of a pencil to do dots [if this was you please let me know - I want to give you credit!!!!] - I finally got around to locating some pins and raiding the kids pencil stash and voila.

I'm quite pleased with myself [although I know I really need to buy some actual dotting tools] and I guess you have to start somewhere and that practice makes perfect.
Base is Bourjois 17 No Chips
Dots are in Rimmel I ♥ Lasting Finish 280 Sunshine

I'm quite enjoying this look to be honest. It's different for me and it's bright and happy on a cold winters day.


  1. i dig it! if you do black dots on it and make it a ladybug mani :)

  2. wow apparently i have no concept of proper grammar. i think i meant that you *could* do black

  3. I think it looks wonderful!

  4. Ooh - I didn't think about doing black! I shall try that at some stage :D Thanks guys

  5. i think you try doing a leopard print next time! that's pretty amazing how you guys do it! hope you'll have a tutorial next time so I can do it on my own!



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