Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Helmer Love & Stash Update

No swatches today *sad* but I've been a busy girl.

My old helmer was not happy! The top is disgustingly cluttered ... the 2nd drawer has been invaded by lego and the 3rd just has all sorts of odds and sods in it ... Oooh and my pretty butterfly box on top that I stash swaps item in until it's ready to go! Ssshhhh! ;)
So after a full day of swearing and getting seriously frustrated my helmer appeared!! I'm actually quite pleased with myself as a] I did it all by myself and b] I managed not to stab myself with the screwdriver [but I came close a few times - ugh]
So I've been trying to type out my stash list [put on the tab up the top] and move my polishes over from their various hiding places around the house. At the moment I've only sorted them into swatched [top drawer] and unswatched [2nd drawer] but I'm sure it'll get some sort of organisation going soon - especially as I've got 4 empty drawers!

Question for everyone though - how do you store your stamping plates? That's the one thing I'm not sure about at the moment

I haven't worked out where I'm going to put these drawers yet but I'm sure we'll find a great place! Back to regular swatches tomorrow!


  1. Helmers are great! & I store stamping plates in one of those plastic flip photo albums

  2. I think storing plates in photo albums is pretty popular. I saw someone post a tutorial on a blog a while ago with a tutorial as to how they modified their photo album to get the most out of the available pocket space or something. It was pretty nifty but I cannot remember where I saw it now. :/
    I've also seen someone modify those plastic pocket folders you put in binders for storage of plates, but I saw that even before I saw the photo album thing so that was ages ago. :/ Sorry really not much help, but if noone else responds maybe give it a google.

    As for me, mine I stored in the envelope I received them in. Not recommended but I want to keep it all together and that seems the only way I can at the moment. *haha*

  3. Grr do want a Helmer! Actually I want two to make the Helmer desk.. I love it in the red!!

  4. Ok, I am jealous, I want to have this much nail polishes :)

  5. a lot of peope store their stamps in photo albums or trading card holders

    shel xx

  6. I'll go digging through the cupboard to see if I have a spare photo album ... I loved the idea of the person who brought the design book and stuck them all in so you could clearly see what was on them - but that would be an epic fail once you brought other company designs.

    Thanks guys!

  7. I am still looking for a nice storage solution for my lacquer collection :( How sturdy is your new helmer?

  8. It seems to be holding up at the moment. Quite impressed really :)

  9. I store my stamping plates in ziploc bags.


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