Sunday, July 24, 2011

Blogroll & Giveaway Pages ... plus Water Decal failness

It's a bit of a mixed bag today as I'm still in holiday mode but tomorrow it's back to regularly scheduled fun.

I've spent today tidying up my blog before it gets wildly out of control. So ... blogs and giveaways now have their own little tabs up the tops. Oooh - pretty!

The giveaway page will be updated regularly instead of a weekly post here. Obviously I'll be removing ones that have ended and constantly adding new ones that I come across in my travels across cyberspace. I was at a stage where I would forget to actually enter giveaways I was plugging ... or enter them more than once as I'd forget that I'd entered - Whoops!! I always love seeing a familiar name win these things so get clicking!!

Also if you want to be listed on my blogroll please either comment below or send me an email with the link on the right! Hopefully I haven't missed many of you!

The super lovely Flossy from Flossy Locks sent me these water decals to try out awhile back and I had forgotten about posting the pics until last night.
So they look really pretty ... and comes with a simple 5 steps to get them on your nails. Cut them out - peel the protective layer off - soak in water - place on your nails - add a top coat when dry. Sounds simple but there has to be a real trick to these and making them look good - for the time I took fiddling around with them I probably could have painted my nails properly and done some stamping or nail art.

I managed to get them onto my nails in one piece and thought "this is working really easy" ... but from there it was all downhill. My main issue was that they wouldn't dry - and then when they did they didn't stick to the nail [even with a top coat]. Also I found that the top was easy enough to shape and file the bottom was another story altogether. In the end I ended up damaging one decal design aswell by adding a top coat - whoops!
I have some more of these decals and I would love to actually work out how they are supposed too go. If you have had success I'd love to hear from you - otherwise I'll get youtubing!


  1. Sad that they didn't stick, but I love the pattern! :)

  2. It is a pity about the decal fail :-(
    & thanks for the blogroll add!

  3. Love the new tabs!!!

  4. lol they are terrible aren't they? I gave them to my SIL.. (I usually palm stuff off to her that I don't like :op)


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