Friday, July 15, 2011

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China Glaze OMG
Gift from the super lovely ReecesPeeces!! Check out her blog!! Hint hint!
OMG - I think the name really says it all. With this polish you either have it or you really really want it. Well that's what I've gathered from reading nail blogs constantly for the past few months. There was a time where I was interested in keeping my nails pretty but not really "into it" as such. Reece kindly decided that I needed some China Glaze in my life and this was one of the beauties she sent and I am ever so grateful.

Incase you are someone who hasn't seen this before OMG is basically a lovely silver polish with a lot of holographic funk thrown in to the bottle!

I think I've been lucky with my OMG as I haven't had any trouble with it - I've had no streaks or shinkage and no weird blank spots. Just 100% fantastic colour. There's not much sun at the moment but I'm hoping you can still see the holo colour!
** Final Verdict **
This is generally my "pick me up" polish. If I'm having an off day or something then this ALWAYS cheers me up. Just the way it catches the light and sparkles - it shows me that even in dark times there is something bright and happy at the end.

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  1. i don't have any of the china glaze omg's. i've been on the lookout forever!


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