Saturday, July 23, 2011

... I'm back!!!! And NOTD Kink - Showgirl ...

I'm back!! Hope you missed me - I missed blogger dreadfully and was able to read some posts on my phone but definitely not able to comment *sad* I'll be trying to catch up on the latest over the weekend.

I'll kick you off with unexciting Australian pics of what I saw on my trip ... I didn't go anywhere overly exciting like a capital city but it was a free vacation with the family ...
So I saw miles and miles of unexciting fields full of grass, with the occasional sheep or possibly cows inhabiting them and of course the standard gum tree.
Lazy ass kangaroos that were too busy sunbaking to get up to pose for a photo. I purposely made sure I had a kangaroo photo since the most common questions I'm asked about living in Australia is usually about snakes or spiders ... but after that it's about Kangaroos [No you don't keep them as pets but yes they do just roam the countryside and then put a giant dent in your car if they get in the way!!]

Now that I've gotten that out of the way ... Here's todays nails ...

Kink - Showgirl
Purchased from Coles $8.00 AUD
[on sale this week for $5!]
I'd seen this brand in the local Coles for a bit but haven't gotten around to testing yet. I'm was wary - it's a supermarket brand so I wasn't expecting anything fantastic but I was hoping stumble onto something nice. BYS is one of my favourite brands and they are under the $5 mark so I thought I'd give these a go as google only had limited pics on what they are actually like.

The Kink cosmetics are ONLY available at Coles Supermarkets but they always have a promotion on to buy 2 and get a 3rd free. While their nail range isn't overly huge some of their other cosmetic items look pretty cool. I also LOVE that it comes sealed in a bag! I know that testing cosmetics isn't allowed blah blah blah - but I'm sure we've all got a bottle of polish somewhere that you aren't 100% sure that it hasn't been used before.

I won't lie - I was disappointed with the first coat of "Showgirl". I originally put it straight into the "looks great in the bottle and awful on nails" category but it grew on me. I wouldn't consider it a favourite but it turned out a lot better after 3 coats then I thought it would originally.

While it's blue glitter on a blue base it's awfully sheer plus you don't get that many glitter particles sticking to the brush. I can still see my real nail under this polish so you really need a nude as a base. Actually the photo makes it look a lot better than it really is.
** Final Verdict **
I don't "hate" this polish but I'm disappointed that it's not as vibrant or thick as the bottle makes it out to be. I'm hoping that this will be a great base polish for some stamping though *gets too it*

For the price though I can't complain too much - I've paid a lot more in the past for glitters less satisfying than this.

[edited to show stamping fun]
Definitely looks a whole lot nicer with some stamping added. I've used Konad m70 with Rimmel 60 second 800 BlackOut


  1. I have seen that brand too! But I figure I can buy an OPI from the states for 2 bucks more shipped :op. How did ya go with those nail decal thinggies?

  2. Looks good. I saw these in Coles last week and was wondering what they were like. I only really saw lots of pinks and red though. Was it a smooth finish, or sand paper?

  3. @Flossy ... first lot went horribly wrong [I'll dig out a photo later] and I'm hoping to try again when I get more than 5 minutes to play with them

    @Kitties26 ... it's definitely sandpaper. Apparently there are 16 shades but my Coles definitely didn't have that many. I have a browny red and a pink to test out in the near future.

  4. I love the stamping!

  5. i love this sweetie - stunning!


    and omg kangaroos!


Thanks for the comments - they always make me feel loved :)

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