Tuesday, July 5, 2011

... Chemistry 42 ...

Right-o. As promised from last week here is the beginning of the Chemistry swatches that were asked for.

Chemistry - 42
Brought from Essential Beauty / Essential Distribution - $4.55
On the outside this looks like a really interesting polish to review. It's pink but there are hints of a bright blue through out if you move the bottle around. I've never seen anything like this before. If you know what it's actually called please let me know as I have a few bottles in various shades that seem to shift to a blue. I'm mesmerised by it! I'm still really new to polish in the scheme of things so if you could help a girl out I'd appreciate it.
[See the blue goodness in the bottle!]

Nearly all of the other Chemistry polishes have an Ozotic "twin" but while this one matches google photos of Ozotic 42 I can't find any mention of them having a blue shimmer throughout or having a colour shift involved. The closest match I can find through searching online it is something like OPI Rosy Future which seems to also have the same blue iridescence.

So first things first. This is a super sheer polish - regardless of how many coats you put on you'll still see your nail and it's colour through the polish which is fine if you want a french look but not fine if you have stained nails [like I currently do]. It also has a weird smell to it. It's not overpowering but it's not a usual polish smell.

It took me a few tries to work out what colour to actually put underneath as a base and I'm still not totally sold on how to wear it. I originally tried a pink which didn't work out - it just seemed pink. The blue didn't shine through but ... if I put it on black you get all blue and no pink! You can't even tell that I originally had a black base [How is that even remotely possible?? It's a pink polish] It's a beautiful blue though *drools*
Pink Base - Ulta3 Stardust
Black Base - Coral Colours Black Sateen

** Final Verdict **
I'm still really intrigued by this polish but I wish I knew how to utilise it properly. Any ideas out there on a base colour? I have other similar polishes with the blue in a white and a light blue that I'd love to swatch. Teach me your secrets!!!

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  1. i love it! iv never seen a colour like that!



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