Monday, July 11, 2011

... Blue Monday - Ozotic Pro 506 ...

Welcome to Blue Monday. Here's todays nails. It's blue ... kinda!

Ozotic Pro Multichromatic 506 - Reef
Purchased from - $14.95
I've tried to grab as many colours as I can in the bottle for this photo. One day I'll figure out how to actually photograph these multichromatics properly. It's so hard to get in the right spot to grab all the colours! I found this colour to be similar to 504 Twilight in that it has purples and blues but this one also has a greeny gold colour going on [that I could not for the life of me photo properly]

As I'm coming to expect from the Ozotic Pro range - it's streak free, no bubbles and dries quickly.

I layered this over BYS Nocturnal which is a dark blue instead of black like I regularly use. I'm sure that would explain why I've got a lot more blue showing up! Still pretty though.
** Final Verdict**
Everyone should have at least one multichrome in their collection. It's definitely the polish I get the most comments on when I'm out and about! I'm not sure if I like Reef as much as I like Twilight but both are still great polishes


Thanks for the comments - they always make me feel loved :)

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