Friday, July 29, 2011

... Friday Favourites - Inglot 203 ...

It's been awhile but welcome back Friday Favourites!! Also apologies for this mornings Blogger glitch ... for some reason this post won't appear in the dashboard but one I had scheduled for Monday decided to kindly appear instead - whoops.

Inglot 203 Flakes from the Dream Collection
Purchased from Inglot Cosmetics - $16.00
Seriously - this is my 2nd favourite all time polish [straight behind Inglot 202]. I didn't think I was a flake girl originally. Majority of my collection is sparkle and glitter and holo goodness ... I only own 2 flakes and both are up the top of my favourite list.

I ALWAYS get comments when I wear either of my Inglot flakes and I'll admit it's my fail safe polish if I'm heading out and am unsure what I'm going to wear. This one will work well if I wear black, white, green or blue ... and that's a huge colour choice to pick from than just a plain colour. My brother-in-law who is not a big nail polish person even commented this time around. Wow!

Cut to the chase - first thing you'll notice is that it's a small bottle and it's expensive. $16AUD for a 8ml/0.27fl oz bottle but it is jam packed with flakes. And I mean jam packed! You can see those big flake pieces on the brush as soon as you pick it up!!
The flakes dry quickly and are relatively smooth which is a surprise. Flakes will still shine on through with a top coat - no dramas there!

I've applied 2 coats of 203 over Rimmel 60 second 800 Black Out. Enjoy flakie goodness!
Looking green
Looking teal
Hello Blue
Darker Blue
** Final Verdict **
I dreamt about this collection during the week - after thinking about buying Nubar 2010 on August 1 when I'm off no buy I've decided instead to buy the other 2 bottles of flakes that I'm missing from Inglot. There are 4 bottles of flakie goodness from Inglot and I only have 2 - I must remedy that!! 204 and 205 you will be mine [although their website doesn't list 205 anymore so I'll have to seriously get hunting for it!]


  1. Your nails are just so gorgeous and we do love you in NP & Gossip, I know I the brilliant blue and gorgeous green flakes look amazing. Your so good to your fans, which I think is awesome.


    George :)

  2. I have been wanting to get Inglot flakies for EVA. Do you buy online or in store? Where can I get them??

  3. @George - thanks mate :)

    @Kitties26 - I've always brought instore but they do online ordering [postage is $10 from memory ... but I've noticed that 205 has disappeared from their online shop *sad* It's definitely still around though - I walked past it today!]. Or I can pick some up for you next time I go there *itches for Monday* :) It's only 2pm but I've had that many comments on these flakes today it's not funny. Numerous checkout chicks at Woolies even gathered around for a debate over if they were real or gels!

  4. this looks great, well worth it!!!

  5. I would love it if you could get me some. I'm sending you an email. THANKS!


Thanks for the comments - they always make me feel loved :)

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