Thursday, July 7, 2011

... Lavender Nails for Caylee Anthony ...

The lovely Facebook group Nail Polish and Gossip today is having "Lavendar Nails for Caylee Anthony". I'll be the first to admit I know little about this case but from what I've gathered whether you believe mum is innocent or guilty - you can't help but feel for the precious little girl that was taken too soon from this world.  So Lavender nails it is today.

For some reason I seem to have a lot of blue polishes and a lot of purple polishes but no lavender - so I've gone for a compromise of something that is blue and purple.

Chemistry 744
Purchased from Essential Beauty / Essential Distribution - $4.55 AUD
From what I can see on the piCture pOlish site this looks similar in the bottle to Ozotic 744 ... is it purple or is it blue? The Ozotic line is that it's a "colour flop". It really changes in the light so it's really neither blue or purple for very long - very pretty and mesmerising though.

I seem to have picked a few of these Duo-Chromes lately and I'm finding the challenge is more trying to find the best way to wear it. I've decided to showcase it on both a black and white base

The polish has a slight glitter shimmer through it aswell but it's very sheer and streaky. I didn't seem to notice the streaks so much on the black base but I could on white and also on a natural nail. Really it's hard to believe that the base coat can make so much difference on this polish. The blue will shift slightly to purple but try as I might I couldn't get that on film. The purple just stayed purple though.
Black Base - Rimmel 60 seconds 800 Black Out
White Base - BYS French White

I won't leave you with a final verdict as this post isn't a total review post and I will revisit this polish in the future. I think it will make an interesting top coat if I try to make some nail art with black and white underneath.

Rest in Peace Caylee 

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