Thursday, July 21, 2011

... mmmm - mars bar ...

This is an old attempt at nail art that I found while cleaning out my photos off my memory card. I figured if I didn't load it here then it'll get lost and I won't have anything to compare future attempts of creativity too.

So ... mmm ... Mars Bar!! From memory the colours I used was Rimmel 60 Seconds 800 Black Out, Face of Australia Molten Metallics Gold and some non-named red that I had in a tiny sample bottle.
Obviously I need a lot more work on this type of nail art! But now I really want a Mars Bar :D *heads off in search of one*


  1. Very cute. Arrrrggghh Mars Bar!!

  2. I think it is cute! You know I was cleaning out my hard drive today of photos, and I found many that I have not posted. Maybe I should post them tomorrow!

  3. cute :)was a good attempt even if you dont like it

    shel xx

  4. Definitely pull out the old photos - then you can easily see how you have improved!

  5. Hy so cute, can i put our image and link of our blog on my blog please?

  6. @solovelynails - you can if you want too :) Just keep in mind these are 2 years old ;)


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